Creating fun and unique wedding experiences for grooms in the DFW area.



The Bride Gets This...

The bride and her wedding party always have the best, most luxurious place to prepare for her big day, as she should... 

The Groom Gets This...

But the groom and his groomsmen are usually stuck in a preschool classroom, a basement or a closet. It's not an ideal place to spend 3-4 hours before your wedding!

The My Groom Room Solution

My Groom Room provides the most luxurious accommodations available in modern recreational vehicles to maximize the time guys have to be at the wedding venue before the ceremony. Have fun in our tricked out RV while you are waiting to take pictures or for guests to arrive.


My Groom Room offers you a luxurious mobile environment where you and your wedding party can hang out, relax and prepare for your big day. We custom tailor our services to your wedding day plans to provide all the amenities you and your groomsmen need to prepare for your ceremony in style.

Other services available:

  • Next day tuxedo return
  • Transportation from venue to reception
  • Haircuts, shaves and other grooming needs
  • Groomsmen emergency kits (in case you forget something)
  • Video games (Playstation, X-Box)
  • Live sports via satellite