Our Interview with Tanglewood Living Magazine

Tanglewood Living Cover

My Groom Room was featured in the July issue of Tanglewood Living Magazine, a neighborhood publication. In each issue they feature a local startup from the area. Here are some excepts from the interview we did with them.

1. How did you decide on this industry?

My co-founder, Jason Bradshaw, had been a part of far too many weddings where the groom and his groomsmen get stuck in a pre-school classroom, a closet or a bathroom in the hours before their wedding. They have to be at the church or venue super early to take pictures and frankly, they get bored. I had a similar experience at my wedding on my wife’s family farm. Our solution is to maximize this time with friends and family for the groom by bringing in a tricked out recreational vehicle to the venue so everyone can have a fun and unique experience before the wedding.

2. So you are bringing an RV to churches and wedding venues?

Yes! Most people don’t realize how nice RVs are. They are nothing like what Cousin Eddie brought to Clark Griswold’s house for Christmas. They are spacious and luxurious and provide some amazing amenities like satellite TV and video games – all the amenities of a typical man cave. And, since our solution is mobile, we can take it to any church or wedding venue. As long as you can drive there, we can provide My Groom Room.

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3. Is anyone else doing this?

Not that we know of. We have heard from many others that this is a real problem at weddings and people seem to get really excited when we share our solution. We brought our first Groom Room to a wedding at Arborlawn United Methodist in March and the groom and his groomsmen loved it!