The Problem We are Solving...

Why would anyone need My Groom Room? We think it is a relatively simple problem that many people have experienced, but no one has really solved.

The problem is that grooms and their groomsmen must arrive hours before their wedding. They have to arrive early to take pictures and put their suit or tuxedo on, but the most important reason they have to be there so early is so that the bride knows that the other half of the wedding party is there on time. Remember the movie The Hangover when they are all racing to the wedding and putting their tuxedos on in the car? That’s the nightmare scenario for most brides. To guard against that worst case scenario, brides ask their groom and his buddies to be there well in advance of the ceremony, sometimes absurdly early.

What typically ends up happening is that the guys arrive and have almost nothing to do. Putting on a tuxedo only takes a few minutes. Pictures go pretty quickly, especially for the groomsmen.  The groom can’t wander around for fear he might see the bride before the ceremony begins and so he becomes a prisoner of the wedding venue. There’s not much to do and everyone ends up being pretty bored.

And, to make this situation worse, the men often get stuck in a space that is less than ideal. Many churches offer just a boring multipurpose room or a preschool class. Some wedding venues only offer a bathroom or closet for the guys. And, many “groom rooms” like this don’t allow food or drink. This makes an already boring situation go from bad to worse!

But wait, there’s more! Most weddings occur on Saturdays. You know what else happens on Saturdays, particularly in the fall? College football games! Ask any Sooners, Longhorns, Irish, Aggies, Tigers or Bulldogs fans and they’ll be very upset if your wedding date coincides with their game!

After talking with many people in the wedding industry, we’ve identified this as a big problem that is worth solving.

And we think that My Groom Room is the most fun way to solve it…

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