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The my groom room team

The my groom room team


We had all been there before. We'd been at weddings with our best buddies and were bored to tears, largely because we were stuck in a children's classroom, church kitchen, closet or just a boring room with bad florescent lighting. We had to be at the wedding venue super early and we had nothing fun to do, despite being with people we loved hanging out with. The space was the problem! There had to be a better way, a better space, a better experience...right? 

What if we could solve this problem? What if we could give grooms and their groomsmen a fun place to hang out before their weddings? What if we could make the pre-party as fun as the reception?

Our solution to this problem was to use a recreational vehicle (RV) to bring the fun of tailgating, college football-watching and BBQs to the pre-wedding experience. An RV could go anywhere and could provide a level of service that many churches and wedding venues just couldn't match. And most importantly, we could help guys have more fun on their wedding day!

After talking about this idea for far too long, My Groom Room was born in the Dallas - Fort Worth area. So stop getting stuck in a boring or uncomfortable space before you say "I do." Let My Groom Room help you make the most of that time and give you an unforgettable pre-wedding experience!